Hodnocení exponátů v soutěži o Zlatou medaili na MSV v Brně

Improvement the evaluation of innovation


Best technical products are evaluated and awarded with different prices in the fairgrounds around the world.  Evaluation Committees (Jury) have to solve difficult tasks: How to evaluate in limited time dozens of various technical objects which enter in the competition.  How to propose the best product to be awarded, for example in the category „most innovative exhibition product”. How to objectify the subjective opinions of individual experts invited to the jury. Transparent work of a jury can increase the prestige of the competition, on the contrary,  unclear process of evaluation usualy destroy the whole competition.

This paper will present only the part of the evaluation procedure that makes the evaluation process of a various exhibits more objective. Such process of evaluation and newly introduced criteria of evaluation – based on chosen knowledge of TRIZ – brings relative objectivity and measurability to the evaluation process of products exhibited during International Trade Fair inBrno.

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