Inovace z PBS Velká Bíteš


Zdeněk Katolickýa, Bohuslav Bušovb, Milada Bartlovác

aAir Division of PBS, Velká Bíteš, 595 01, Czech Republic
bBrno University of Technology, Brno, 616 00, Czech Republic
cBrno University of Technology, Brno, 616 00, Czech Republic


Comparing to concurrent small turbojet engines this Czech design has several important parametrical advantages: weight, power, reliability, cost, etc. Innovations were obtained by creative/inventive solutions in which several instruments TRIZ were used objectively, as it was evaluated by the jury – the evaluation committee recommending the award by Gold Medal during the International Machinery Trade Fair in Brno 2013.

In this article, the turbojet engine is presented as attractive case study, as: – an example for education TRIZ methodology of students and engineers, – the exceptional successful solution of turbojet engine for small and unmanned air vehicles. The patented solution of small turbojet engine exceeded the existing state of the art. The real product is exported to the USA, Russia, Arabian Emirates, etc. All documents published by the producer could be downloaded by members of MATRIZ conference for using in educational or consulting activity.

Celý článek o inovaci malého turbínového motoru v řadě TJ110 z produkce PBS Velká Bíteš lze poslat po vyžádání.