Inovace závěsu přední kapoty automobilu

Improvement of active hinge of the car bonnet


The article presents a partial use of TRIZ methodology and Goldfire Innovator® during innovation process of the active hinge of the car bonnet. The hinge is one of many components of complex measures of EU for an increase the active pedestrian protection. The measures result from the EuroNCAP regulation which has to be observed within testing the safety of vehicles in a collision with pedestrians, especially in city,in pedestrian crossings, where the most accidents are occurred.

The article introduces a significant improvement of the active hinge of the car bonnet. The active hinge must lift up the rear part of the bonnet in appropriate short time to extend the deformation space between the bonnet and the rigid parts of the engine compartment. Fast and controlled lifting of the bonnet mitigates the consequences of collision between pedestrian and a vehicle.

VA-Value analysis of the existing hinge design has showed the least valuable components and complete one complicated subsystem. Trimming procedure has brought the possibility to delegate functions of the subsystem into one redesigned element – the actuator. The new system of active hinge to obtain dynamicity (and function of the bonnet “to lift-up”) as well as solidity (and function of the bonnet “to fix” the bonnet basic position), for these both contradictory functions uses a very fast linear actuator with ball lock application. The simplicity of a new active bonnet hinge has led to fast and cheap preparation of the experiment, prototype testing and introduction of new solution of the active hinge in automotive company.

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